What Is Metabolic Syndrome?

Metabolic syndrome is a group of conditions that together raise your risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other serious health problems. Mayo Clinic says, “Metabolic syndrome is closely linked to overweight or obesity and inactivity. It's also linked to a condition called insulin resistance. Normally, your digestive system breaks down the foods you … Continue reading What Is Metabolic Syndrome?

Overview: The 8 Laws of Health

If you were raised Seventh-day Adventist, or even if you came into the church later in life, you have undoubtedly heard or read many times this classic quotation: “Pure air, sunlight, abstemiousness, rest, exercise, proper diet, the use of water, trust in divine power—these are the true remedies” (Ellen G. White, Ministry of Healing, (Nampa: Pacific Press, 1905), page … Continue reading Overview: The 8 Laws of Health

Learn About Diabetes – Recommended YouTube Channels

We have found these YouTube channels worth subscribing to! Some publish new videos every week, others publish less often. You can choose which videos you want to watch. Adapt Your Life (Dr. Eric Westman) - https://www.youtube.com/@AdaptYourLife Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics (Jacqueline Lemi-Hegarty) - https://www.youtube.com/@adventistvegetariandiabetics Beat Diabetes (Dennis Pollock) - https://www.youtube.com/@beatdiabetes3 Diet Doctor (Dr. Bret Scher) - … Continue reading Learn About Diabetes – Recommended YouTube Channels