Like most root vegetables, carrots are too high in carbohydrates to be diabetic-friendly when used as a whole side dish. We suggest that you use a small amount of shredded carrots as a garnish, such as in a salad.

For a moderate-carb use of a carrot, here are two recipes you could try. But be sure to “eat to your meter“!


Carrot Hot Dogs
Recipe page has a 1-minute video

Whole Food Plant Based Carrot Hot Dogs
One (1) large carrot (raw) has 7.3g carbohydrates. If you want this to be a low-carb meal, serve on an almond flour bun or Romaine lettuce wrap instead of a bun. I haven’t tried this, but I bet it would taste pretty good with mustard and dill pickle relish!


Starch and Root Vegetables and Diabetes