February – Refining Essential Habits

Now that you have Established the Five Essentials, let's refine it further to include portion control (Law of Health #5). I would like to suggest that real temperance for a diabetic is “portion control.” You need to be aware of how much makes up a “portion” or “serving” of every food you eat. “Portion control is all … Continue reading February – Refining Essential Habits

Eat Real Food

Have you mastered use of your glucose meter? Keep practicing! Test at least once (or more) every day. Are you drinking enough water? Have you replaced all juices, sodas, and other sugary drinks with plain water? Keep drinking! This week you will keep focusing on eliminating sugar, especially in foods, AND eliminating most processed foods. … Continue reading Eat Real Food

January – Establish 5 Essential Habits

Happy New Year 2022! 1: January 5 is National Keto Day, established in 2019 by The Vitamin Shoppe "to educate and bring awareness to the ketogenic diet and further highlight the many health benefits a keto lifestyle offers." If you already "eat keto," this article will affirm and support you. If you do not, this … Continue reading January – Establish 5 Essential Habits