Kidney failure risk upped 40% with red meat consumption – Singapore Chinese Health Study
A detailed study involving 1,000 participants from the same study cohort found that 97 per cent of the red meat consumed was pork. The findings however did not apply to non-Chinese ethnic groups and other red meat such as beef, lamb, or duck.–with-red-meat-consumption—singapore-chinese-health-study

Lots of red meat and poultry linked to diabetes risk
It also suggests that chicken parts with lower heme-iron content, such as breast meat, as opposed to thighs, could be healthier.

Another Study Demonizes Red Meat: Is It Justifiable?
You have to take studies like this with a grain of salt. There are numerous confounding factors that may invalidate results. For instance, if you’re not Chinese and living in Singapore, results of this study may not apply to you. For another instance, Chinese pork may be different from English, Indian, Canadian, and U.S. pork. In China, the primary red meat is pork, accounting for 97 percent of red meat intake.