Other Medical/Health Conditions

Many Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics report dealing with other medical issues in addition to diabetes. Some of these are listed with multiple references to more detailed information in the section, Other Medical/Health Conditions. You might want to bookmark this section for your current and future reference. Please feel free to share this blog post with anyone … Continue reading Other Medical/Health Conditions


Recipe Categories These are collections of recipes I have found here and there on the internet but haven’t tried them out in my own kitchen. This is probably the largest single section on our website! So bookmark the link above for your future reference! Recipes from Cultural Adventism This is the recipe collection that is … Continue reading Recipes

More Books, More Videos, and Full-length Movies

More Books This list of books includes books that were not listed in your essential reading list that you were given in January (or when you first joined the Facebook group, Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics). More Videos I have defined “videos” or “video clips” as those shorter than one hour long. Also be proactive in searching … Continue reading More Books, More Videos, and Full-length Movies


This section contains links to articles, books, videos, and full-length movies. Also includes diabetes testing supplies, third-party lab tests, food databases, and apps to track food intake, blood glucose numbers, and other related aspects. Think of this section as your personal diabetes library. Start here. Next, see our Articles collections. This is a collection of … Continue reading Resources/Articles