Goal: To increase/maintain awareness of foot health and its importance to diabetics.

  • Evaluate your current routine/practices of foot care.
    • Blood glucose control (under a maximum of 140 mg/dL or 7.8 mmol/l), < 6.5% A1C.
    • Daily inspection for abnormalities
    • Daily washing and moisturizing
    • Correct toenail trimming and culticle care
  • Adjust goals/strategies for your foot care, as needed.
  • Read/re-read the following:

“Foot Care”

“How to Avoid Infections from Nail Salons” [PDF]

Healthy Feet for a Healthy Life
35 podiatrists put together tips for healthy feet

Foot Health Awareness Month, diabetes foot complications, gangrene, sprained ankle, and smelly feet
April is Foot Health Awareness Month

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