Goal: To explore the feasibility and sustainability (or not) of vegetarianism for you.

Whether or not you are vegetarian, try this challenge in the month of October. Do it all month or just for one day or one week. Here is a suggested strategy:

  • Total carnivores ==> only “clean” meats/fish
  • Adventist non-vegetarians ==> lacto-ovo vegetarian or pescatarian
  • Pescatarians ==> only lacto-ovo vegetarian
  • Lacto-ovo vegetarians ==> vegan
  • Vegans ==> raw vegan
  • Raw vegan ==> raw vegan and low-carb

Continue your personal carbohydrate, fat, protein, and fiber goals. Just make sure your personal dietary approach to diabetes management fits into one of the challenge strategies listed above.

Reference: https://worldvegetarianday.navs-online.org/veg-pledge/

Non-vegetarians pledging to go meat-free during Vegetarian Awareness Month (October). Offers a contest to be entered in for prizes. Sponsored by the North American Vegetarian Society and is obvious email harvesting. If you don’t mind being on their email list, go ahead and enter your email address to participate in this “contest.”