Sleep Review

Since November 6, 2022, is when Daylight Saving Time ends (in North America), this is a good time to review your own sleep habits. Reference: Get Adequate Sleep If you got this email from someone who forwarded it to you, please consider subscribing to our blog yourself at Scroll down to the FOLLOW button and enter … Continue reading Sleep Review

Sleep – Law of Health #7

Since Daylight Saving Time (in the United States) begins today (March 13, 2022), this is a good week to talk about sleep and rest ( There is a definite connection between sleep and diabetes, according to sources we have researched. Too little sleep can raise your diabetes risk. It is said that if you need … Continue reading Sleep – Law of Health #7

Rest, Law of Health #7

Rest is the balance to Exercise. Review our article, "Get Adequate Sleep," and then read the full article, "Rest." View again this 3-minute video, “Sleep for Better Diabetes Control” (December 2016) Have you answered these questions for yourself? How is sleep related to diabetes? How long should I sleep? Is it possible to sleep too long? … Continue reading Rest, Law of Health #7

What Can I Eat?

This week's blog will refer you to two articles and one video that can help you in deciding how you should eat for your best diabetic health. And, while you are deciding, be sure to continuing practicing the Five Essential Habits, the foundation of your success in controlling, reversing, or preventing diabetes. The first article, … Continue reading What Can I Eat?

Stay Safe from Coronavirus!

I'm finding it very interesting that all the things that are being recommended to keep us safe from the coronavirus (COVID-19) are very much in alignment with what we, as conscientious Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics, are already doing! UPDATE 3/25/2020: In addition to all the basic/essential lifestyle practices below, please be diligent in observing all the … Continue reading Stay Safe from Coronavirus!