A very popular way of presenting recipes these days is by a short (1-3 minutes) video. Videos can give you a quick overview of the recipe without going into details of exact measurements. They also make it look very easy! Ultimately, I will usually want to see the printed recipe, ideally with nutrition information, and ability to print it or save it to PDF. Below are some of my favorite recipe videos.


How to Make Fresh Tomato Sauce [1:51]


How to Spiralize Zucchini [0:48]


How To Make Zucchini Ribbons [1:05]


How to Make Low Carb (Keto and Bulletproof) Bread – 2 Ingredients! [1:00]


Finally, you can see Mom J’s Cookbook “recipe videos”—not professionally produced like the commercial recipe videos—just made with still photos and text and a little background music. They are included in my YouTube Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics playlist at: