What Can I Eat?

This week's blog will refer you to two articles and one video that can help you in deciding how you should eat for your best diabetic health. And, while you are deciding, be sure to continuing practicing the Five Essential Habits, the foundation of your success in controlling, reversing, or preventing diabetes. The first article, … Continue reading What Can I Eat?

Identify Your Dietary Approach to Diabetes Management

Goal/objective: To identify your dietary approach to managing your diabetes, within your chosen dietary lifestyle. Time frame: Ongoing. With the caveat that you can adjust/change your dietary approach at any time. For all of us—type 1 and type 2 diabetics, “pre-diabetics,” ex-diabetics, recovering diabetics—whatever we choose to call ourselves, we can choose to follow a specific dietary approach to … Continue reading Identify Your Dietary Approach to Diabetes Management

Set Your Goals, Create Your Plans

We have deliberately put goals, plans, and dietary approaches after you have established the Five Essential Habits, because now you will have a better idea of what parameters you want to aim for and the best strategies for achieving your goals. Goals are statements you make about your future. They represent your aspirations. Objectives are typically measurable … Continue reading Set Your Goals, Create Your Plans

Establish Essential Habits: Exercise Daily

Goal/Objective: To establish a daily routine of physical activity within your individual scope of mobility. Time Frame: Ongoing for the rest of your life! Which, of course, will be longer because you exercise. For additional information, see "Exercise" in "Section 2. The 8 Laws of Health." If you are taking these Five Essential Habits in … Continue reading Establish Essential Habits: Exercise Daily