August – National Eye Exam Month

August is National Eye Exam Month. What should you do during this month? Access this page for more information, including a 9-minute video with tips on how to prevent/reverse cataracts: If you got this email from someone who forwarded it to you, please consider subscribing to our blog yourself at Scroll down to … Continue reading August – National Eye Exam Month

Exercise & Eyesight

Does exercise affect your eyesight? If you don't know (or even if you do), please take a look at these articles: Diabetic Eye Disease Retinopathy often begins at prediabetic blood sugar levels. Learn why and what you can do to stop and even reverse this damage. Sedentary Behavior Linked to Diabetic Retinopathy Can … Continue reading Exercise & Eyesight

Seasonal Exercise

What season of the year is it where you live? In the Northern Hemisphere, it's summer. So you may want to exercise by swimming. If so, you need to take special care of your feet. Here are two articles for your reference: Summer Foot Care Diabetes and swimming May is actually National Water … Continue reading Seasonal Exercise

Exercise & Diabetes

Goal/Objective: To establish a daily routine of physical activity within your individual scope of mobility. Time Frame: Ongoing for the rest of your life! Which, of course, will be longer because you exercise. The Importance of Exercise When You Have Diabetes If you got this email from someone who forwarded it to you, please … Continue reading Exercise & Diabetes