This blog post begins with the section titled, "Diabetes Basics" and the topic, "A1C." Whether you are newly diagnosed and don’t know where to start or if you’ve been living with diabetes for awhile and are still struggling, you can take definite steps to improve your diabetic health. Begin with our “Getting Started” section and … Continue reading A1C

Trust, Law of Health #8, cont.

This blog post will continue our focus on Trust, Law of Health #8. Please access the full article with that link. Scroll down to where you left off last week, which should include: Mindful breathing Meditation Music Nature One day of rest We can summarize this Law of Health #8 with the following: Create your … Continue reading Trust, Law of Health #8, cont.

Rest, Law of Health #7

Rest is the balance to Exercise. Review our article, "Get Adequate Sleep," and then read the full article, "Rest." View again this 3-minute video, “Sleep for Better Diabetes Control” (December 2016) https://youtu.be/0vtQKZ35VAc Have you answered these questions for yourself? How is sleep related to diabetes? How long should I sleep? Is it possible to sleep too long? … Continue reading Rest, Law of Health #7