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Posted on February 20, 2015 by Joslin Communications

My Beef with “What The Health” Documentary
Dr. Berg talks about the documentary called “What the Health.” The comment by Dr. Neal Barnard, “High carb diets and sugar were never the cause of diabetes,” is totally false. Insulin’s purpose is to lower sugar in the blood. Consuming too much sugar worsens diabetes and this is why they need to take more insulin or metformin to counter the higher level sugars in the blood. The resultant fat in the muscle is the effect of higher insulin coming from too much sugar consumption. Yes, processed meat does cause cancer, but not grass fed meat – there are no studies on this. If you consume healthy meats, eggs, fats and cholesterol-rich foods without refined sugars, you will not have a problem. You can be healthy doing a vegetarian diet if you skip the refined sugar; however, you can also become very healthy on a ketogenic diet if you also skip the refined sugars. Insulin resistance comes from sustained elevation of sugar in the blood.