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The two foods I think of as being uniquely Adventist are Special K® loaf1 (from my generation) and haystacks2 (from my children’s generation).

But I asked in our Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics™ group: What foods do you remember as being distinctly Adventist, from your own home and from church potlucks? Here is a sample of the responses:

  • Choplets® with mushroom gravy and mashed potatoes
  • Baked beans and potato salad
  • Lentils and cornbread

Both Loma Linda and Worthington brands offer Choplets® (which we also called “gluten steaks”) and show basically the same ingredients: wheat gluten and soy protein concentrate (in a broth that contains some forms of sugar and other unacceptable ingredients). So we are including a Basic Seitan recipe3, adapted from a recipe previously offered by Bob’s Red Mill Vital Wheat Gluten. I make a cashew gravy4 which you can make into mushroom gravy by adding sautéed sliced mushrooms. And of course we can have mashed cauliflower5 instead of mashed potatoes.

I made cashew pimiento sauce6 frequently when my children were little. We served it over angel hair pasta. Now I serve it over zucchini noodles or shirataki angel hair (my favorite brand is Miracle Noodle).

Baked beans7, by definition, are very sweet! So this one was more of a challenge. However, I found one recipe using black soybeans. Potato salad is much easier to replace! With picnic cauliflower salad8, of course!

There is just no substitute for lentils. ¼ cup of lentils has 10 grams of carbs and 3.9 grams of fiber (6.1 grams net carbs). ¼ cup of black soybeans has 4 grams of carbs and 3 grams of fiber (1 gram net carbs). So it’s your choice. Or you could make low-carb chili9 using black soybeans. Keto “cornbread”10 is easy, though, made from almond meal (ground almonds with skin).

Pantry staples include a vegetarian chicken-style seasoning11 but without the MSG (monosodium glutamate) of some commercial brands.

I’m also including a recipe for gluten-free low-carb communion bread12 (Sh! Don’t tell the elders on the platform that the wafers don’t have wheat in them!) served with Welch’s Light Concord Grape Juice.

After that, I’ve thrown in just a few of my personal favorites: Mom J’s Cheese Chips13, Three-bean Salad14, Tofu Sour Cream & Dip15, a single-serving Veggie “Mac” ‘n’ Cheese,16 and my own version of Filipino Seitan Adobo17.

Finally, three original recipes from other Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics™ group members: Thomas Moen’s Soy Beans18, Jeanette Pelton’s Zucchini Loaf19, and Jeanette Pelton’s Savory Loaf20. And this collection would not be complete without Mom J’s Baby Bok Choy Soup21.