If you are following the “standard American diet,” you are not controlling your diabetes, even if you are taking diabetes medication and/or insulin. Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics will always support you, as a person, even though we may not support your way of eating. We want you to control your diabetes, not just manage it. So if you read our articles and get interested in trying some of the recipes, you may—just maybe—decide you’d like to take better control of your diabetes and avoid complications of diabetes and an early and painful death due to those complications.

Image credit: https://foodfoundation.guru/blog/2015/01/27/the-sad-diet

The term “standard American diet” refers to the standard Western diet, which is as unhealthy as a diet can get. However, there does not seem to be agreement as to the definition of the “standard American diet.” Here is my own characterization of the “standard American diet,” based on all that I have read:

  • high in refined carbohydrates, including sugar in all its forms
  • high in unhealthy fats (hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oil, trans fats)
  • high in processed foods, chemical additives, and GMO food products
  • low in whole foods, including vegetables

What Vegans Say

The vegans say the “standard American diet” is:

  • rich in animal proteins and fats
  • high in cholesterol and saturated fats
  • high in processed foods
  • low in fiber, complex carbohydrates, and vegetables

What Atkins Proponents Say

The Atkins proponents say the “standard American diet” is:

  • high-carb foods, especially those low in nutrients
  • manufactured trans fats in the form of hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils
  • sugar in all its forms (including unrefined sugar, molasses, cane syrup, and maple syrup)
  • refined flour

What Dr. Mercola Says

Three decades ago, the food available was mostly fresh and grown locally. Today, the majority of foods served, whether at home, in school, or in restaurants, are:

  • highly processed foods
  • filled with sugars
  • harmful processed fats
  • chemical additives

Is Something Wrong with Our Modern Diet? – Mercola

Diabetes May Be a Risk Factor for Developing Alzheimer’s, Studies Find

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