The definition of moderation, “an avoidance of extremes in one’s actions, beliefs, or habits” per the Webster dictionary. When reading the definition, note there is no unit of measurement listed. What exactly is extreme and to what level of avoiding the extreme is required?

Two examples:

1) Jane Doe eats 10 blueberries a day. What number of blueberries can be eaten to qualify as eating blueberries in moderation?

  • 4 blueberries a day?
  • 10 blueberries every other day?
  • 1 blueberry a week?

2) The average American consumes 82 grams of sugar per day. How many grams per day would be a moderate amount?

  • 25 grams, the WHO recommended amount?
  • 11 grams, the average amount in England during the 1700s?
  • 0 grams?


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