Seventh-day Adventists traditionally do not drink alcoholic beverages, though some cook with wine on the premise that the alcohol “cooks out” of the recipe, leaving only the flavor. However, for those who do drink alcohol, this information may be helpful.

On this topic, one of our members, Marlene, recently posted:

“I learned something today that might help some of us, since we don’t tend to drink wine. I know a lot of us don’t drink tea either, because of the caffeine, but we’re more likely to drink tea than wine.

“I learned that you can substitute strong black tea in recipes that call for wine. You’re looking for the tannin flavor, not the alcohol, and both tea and wine are strong in tannins. Just something to think about if you don’t have issues with tea. I don’t drink tea (do drink coffee), but will try it in recipes that call for wine.”

One article I found said to use black tea as an alternative to red wine and green tea as an alternative to white wine.

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