These films are presented as resource material only and do not necessarily represent the views of all Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics. It is up to the viewers to make up their own minds.


Fat Head [1:44:40]
While most people saw the documentary Super Size Me as an expose of the fast food industry, comedian and former health writer Tom Naughton saw it as a dare: He’d show that you could lose weight on a diet of burgers and fries. In addition to chronicling Naughton’s weight drop, the film provides interviews with doctors, nutritionists, and others to drive home his thesis that most of what we know about “healthy eating” is wrong.

First Do No Harm (Full Movie) [1:34:11]
Directed by Jim Abrahams, about a boy whose severe epilepsy, unresponsive to medications with terrible side effects, is controlled by the ketogenic diet.* Aspects of the story mirror Abrahams’ own experience with his son Charlie. Starring Meryl Streep.
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Forks Over Knives (Full Movie) (2011) [1:39:25]
The major storyline in the film traces the personal journeys of Dr. T. Colin Campbell, a nutritional scientist from Cornell University, and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, a former top surgeon at the world renowned Cleveland Clinic. Doctors teach these patients how to adopt a whole foods plant-based diet as the primary approach to treat their ailments. Requires membership to watch.
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Insulin Toxicity and How to Cure Type 2 Diabetes [1:00:42]
Dr. Jason Fung explains the toxicity of insulin and how it makes diabetics worse, not better. This leads to a discussion of rational treatment to cure diabetes without drugs, without surgery, and without cost.

Low carb high fat: Challenging beliefs [1:07:18]
Professor Grant Schofield, nutrition experts Dr. Mikki Williden and Dr. Caryn Zinn, and Dr. Nigel Harris discussing a new approach to nutrition. Low carb, high fat (LCHF) is controversial and challenges the advice of the public health establishment. The seminar includes latest research findings and practice in understanding what restricting carbohydrates and eating more fat can do for you. From New Zealand.

*Below are two on-site ketogenic diet programs that treat pediatric epilepsy.

Epilepsy Center Ketogenic Diet Program
Children’s Mercy offers one of the largest ketogenic diet programs in the U.S. The diet is an effective non-medication treatment for intractable epilepsy. It helps control seizures and minimizes the use of antiepileptic drugs, which can have unpleasant side effects.

Ketogenic Diet – Metabolic Treatments for Epilepsy
Ketogenic diets have been used for metabolic treatment of epilepsy with significant success.


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