Learn About Diabetes – Recommended YouTube Channels

We have found these YouTube channels worth subscribing to! Some publish new videos every week, others publish less often. You can choose which videos you want to watch.

Adapt Your Life (Dr. Eric Westman) – https://www.youtube.com/@AdaptYourLife

Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics (Jacqueline Lemi-Hegarty) – https://www.youtube.com/@adventistvegetariandiabetics

Beat Diabetes (Dennis Pollock) – https://www.youtube.com/@beatdiabetes3

Diet Doctor (Dr. Bret Scher) – https://www.youtube.com/@dietdoctor

Bernstein’s Diabetes University (Dr. Richard K. Bernstein) – https://www.youtube.com/@DrRichardKBernstein

Dr. Jason Funghttps://www.youtube.com/@drjasonfung

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