So…your doctor has just officially diagnosed you as a diabetic. What does that even mean?!? It may have come as a total surprise to you. You had no idea that this would happen. You are in denial. Surely the lab tests were wrong.

Or maybe your doctor has been telling you for years that your blood sugars “are a little high.” Maybe he or she has been telling you to “watch your diet” and “exercise more.” Maybe diabetes runs in your family, and so maybe you were half expecting this to happen—but not this soon. So now what? Is this diagnosis a certain death sentence? Will you have to take insulin shots? Does this mean no more Almond Roca for you?

Maybe your doctor has scheduled you to meet with a diabetes educator or attend classes for diabetics. If so, some topics in the next chapters may sound familiar. But here they are now, all in one place.

This section is your best place to get started, whether you are newly diagnosed or still struggling to manage your diabetes. Follow the chapters in this section consecutively for best results, as experienced by those who have been most successful in managing, controlling, and/or preventing diabetes. And you can come back to any of the topics for review.

The best thing you can do as a newly diagnosed diabetic is read. Research. Join our Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics group on Facebook. Use the resources listed in the group’s Files. Check out our supplementary website and blog. Watch the videos on YouTube. Educate yourself. We are here to support you by encouraging you to learn.

Just Diagnosed With Diabetes? Do These 3 Things
Step 1: Don’t Panic
Step 2: Tell Yourself You’re Going to be OK
Step 3: Face Diabetes

Let’s start at the beginning