Review of Dietary Approaches

You can review the typical dietary approaches to diabetes management at The dietary protocol that seems to work best for many Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics is represented in the first  downloadable PDF document. There are two other PDF food lists: Low-carb Food List for Diabetics 210310 Dr. Westman's Low-carb Food List (edited for Adventist Vegetarian … Continue reading Review of Dietary Approaches

Sleep – Law of Health #7

Since Daylight Saving Time (in the United States) begins today (March 13, 2022), this is a good week to talk about sleep and rest ( There is a definite connection between sleep and diabetes, according to sources we have researched. Too little sleep can raise your diabetes risk. It is said that if you need … Continue reading Sleep – Law of Health #7

Low-carb High-fat vs. High-carb Low-fat Dietary Vegan

Low-carb High-healthy-fat (LCHF) We will start with explaining Low-carb High-healthy Fat (LCHF) because, when it's done right, it is the most immediately effective approach to lowering blood sugars and A1C numbers. LCHF can be utilized by all dietary lifestyles, whether non-vegetarian, lacto-ovo vegetarian, or dietary vegan. The polar opposite of LCHF is High-carb Low-fat Whole-food … Continue reading Low-carb High-fat vs. High-carb Low-fat Dietary Vegan