Overview: The 8 Laws of Health

If you were raised Seventh-day Adventist, or even if you came into the church later in life, you have undoubtedly heard or read many times this classic quotation: “Pure air, sunlight, abstemiousness, rest, exercise, proper diet, the use of water, trust in divine power—these are the true remedies” (Ellen G. White, Ministry of Healing, (Nampa: Pacific Press, 1905), page … Continue reading Overview: The 8 Laws of Health

Portion Control – Law of Health #5

NOTE: Portion control is added to the Essential Habits you have established: mastering use of your blood glucose meter, drinking an optimum amount of water for you, eliminating all sugar, eating non-starchy whole-food vegetables instead of processed foods, and a having a daily exercise regimen. I would like to suggest that real temperance for a diabetic is “portion control.” You … Continue reading Portion Control – Law of Health #5

Temperance, Law of Health #5

When we think of "temperance," we automatically think of abstaining ("abstemiousness") from tobacco, alcohol, and drug abuse. But temperance for a diabetic goes beyond that! I often say that the real temperance for diabetics is portion control! You also may know that one of my pet peeves is the saying, "Everything in moderation." NO! Moderation … Continue reading Temperance, Law of Health #5

Practice Portion Control

Goals/Objectives: To learn how to practice portion control. Time Frame: To implement portion control at every meal/snack of every day. Now that you have established some essential habits for diabetics—essential no matter what dietary lifestyle or approach to diabetes management you take—let’s refine it even more by practicing portion control, also an essential for all diabetics, regardless of … Continue reading Practice Portion Control

Stay Safe from Coronavirus!

I'm finding it very interesting that all the things that are being recommended to keep us safe from the coronavirus (COVID-19) are very much in alignment with what we, as conscientious Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics, are already doing! UPDATE 3/25/2020: In addition to all the basic/essential lifestyle practices below, please be diligent in observing all the … Continue reading Stay Safe from Coronavirus!

Intermittent Fasting

Goal: To explore the possibilities of Intermittent Fasting and its effects on diabetes, and to determine whether some level of fasting might be appropriate for you. April 30 is National Day of Fasting and Prayer, proclaimed by President Abraham Lincoln on March 30, 1863. So it seemed appropriate to focus on Intermittent Fasting during the month … Continue reading Intermittent Fasting

Create a Food List and Meal Plans

Goals: To explore and collect recipes using real food ingredients that are acceptable for YOU. And then to create a one- or two-week meal plan using the recipes and foods that you have determined are the best choices for YOU. Many times members will ask us for an approved food list or for a diabetic-friendly … Continue reading Create a Food List and Meal Plans

Eat to Your Meter

The phrase, "eat to your meter," means using your glucose meter to help you determine what foods/beverages you can consume that will not harm your diabetic body. Goal: To eliminate (abstain from) foods that cause blood glucose spikes. Here’s how to test for a specific food, recipe, or meal: Baseline: Test pre-meal to get a fasting … Continue reading Eat to Your Meter

The Art of Abstaining

Moderation vs. Portion Control One of my pet peeves is the cliché, "Everything in moderation." Is domestic violence okay in moderation? Never! How about bank robbery in moderation? Absolutely not! We diabetics would like to think we can eat anything as long as it's "in moderation." But that is simply not true! "In moderation" is … Continue reading The Art of Abstaining