Goal: To reduce stress (and high blood sugars) as much as possible during the winter holidays.

The Law of Health #8 is to Trust in Divine Power. This is applicable to—and essential for—diabetics, whether or not they are Seventh-day Adventists or even Christian. That’s because lack of trust leads to stress, and stress is a major factor in high blood sugar. (If you need more explanation about Law of Health #8, please refer to https://adventistvegetariandiabetics.wordpress.com/about/8-laws-of-health/trust-in-divine-power/.)

Read this article by Dr. Arlene Taylor, brain-function specialist, Holiday Frazzled? Choose to Live Defrazzled! Then think about what you can do to minimize holiday stress for you.

  • Don’t obsess over how other people choose to express (or not express) a holiday greeting.
  • Allow others to celebrate their holiday traditions without your criticism.
  • Listen to music, watch movies, and read books that bring you joy, regardless of other people’s opinions.
  • Continue to buy/cook food that fits within your dietary lifestyle and diabetes protocol.
  • Focus on the people that you love, not on things.

Interestingly, Spiritual Literacy Month is an annual designation observed in December.

Who Knew? December is Spiritual Literacy Month
Reference: https://famvin.org/en/2011/12/09/who-knew-december-is-spiritual-literacy-month/