Here is a miscellaneous list of references, by topic, on the subject of “diabetes diets” and their effect on managing diabetes. There are pros and cons on veganism and vegetarianism. Finally, we give consideration to why different approaches work for different individuals.

Here is a summary chart, comparing the main aspects of each of the three (3) major dietary approaches: Diabetes Diet Comparisons [PDF]

Reference Topics:

Diabetes Diet

Can type 2 diabetes be reversed?

Changing the Misconceptions of Type 2 Diabetes

Is There Such Thing as a “Diabetic Diet”

Why Is Dietary Advice For Those With Diabetes So Bad?

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Managing Diabetes

Diabetes – How to Normalize Your Blood Sugar

How to Manage Your Diabetes in Extreme Summer Heat

Practical approaches to accurate carbohydrate gram counting

Why “Everything in Moderation” Is Terrible Diet Advice

Why Managing Diabetes Is A Full-Time Job

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Adopting a Vegetarian Meal Plan

Cornell study finds some people may be genetically programmed to be vegetarians

Do most vegetarians return to eating meat?


Long term vegetarian diet changes human DNA raising risk of cancer and heart disease

The Case Against Veganism — Carefully Researched Book Spills the Beans
While I would never argue with anyone who decides to be a vegan for philosophical, spiritual or ethical reasons, I believe it’s important to consider and address the risks if you’re jumping into veganism for its purported health benefits alone.

Types of Vegetarians

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Why Different Approaches Work

How 5 People With Diabetes are Rocking Their A1c While Eating 5 Different Ways

6 Things The World’s Most Successful “Diets” Have in Common
1. They Are Low in Added Sugar
2. They Eliminate Refined Carbohydrates
3. They Eliminate Industrial Vegetable Oils
4. They Eliminate Artificial Trans Fats
5. They Are High in Vegetables and Fiber
6. They Focus on Foods Instead of Calories

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Dr Jason Fung’s articles:

Dr. Fung is a Toronto-based kidney specialist, having graduated from the University of Toronto and finishing his medical specialty at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2001. He is the author of the bestsellers The Obesity Code and The Complete Guide to Fasting. He has pioneered the use of therapeutic fasting for weight loss and type 2 diabetes reversal in his IDM [Intensive Dietary Management] clinic.

The Short Version

If a high fibre, high unrefined carbohydrate, diet lowers insulin, then we should expect all the benefits of reduced weight and reduction in all of the manifestations of hyperinsulinemia – Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, heart disease etc. If a Low Carb High Fat diet also lowers insulin, then we should see all the same results. And guess what? I don’t really care if you eat LCHF or Pritikin – as long as those insulin levels come down, I don’t care. Why? Because you will derive the same health benefits of lowering insulin. This will be highly beneficial in all the diseases of high insulin (metabolic syndrome).

The Supporting Articles

The Carbohydrate-Insulin Hypothesis is Wrong
Dr Jason Fung

How Insulin Works – Hormonal Obesity VII
Dr Jason Fung

Thoughts on the Kempner Rice Diet
Dr. Jason Fung

Thoughts on the Pritikin Diet
Dr. Jason Fung

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