Establish Essential Habits: Exercise Daily

Goal/Objective: To establish a daily routine of physical activity within your individual scope of mobility.
Time Frame: Ongoing for the rest of your life! Which, of course, will be longer because you exercise.

For additional information, see “Exercise” in “Section 2. The 8 Laws of Health.”

If you are taking these Five Essential Habits in consecutive order, you will continue to monitor your blood glucose daily, drink your optimum amount of water every day, eliminate sugar in all its forms, continue eating whole-food non-starchy vegetables instead of processed foods, and add a daily physical activity.

What is the best exercise to reverse or prevent diabetes?

How much should I exercise every day, and how many days a week should I exercise?

When should I not exercise?

The answers to these questions will be found in our article, Exercise Daily.

In our next blog post, we will discuss how to set your Goals/Objectives and how to use Strategies/Tactics to meet your Goals/Objectives.