What Can I Eat?

This week’s blog will refer you to two articles and one video that can help you in deciding how you should eat for your best diabetic health. And, while you are deciding, be sure to continuing practicing the Five Essential Habits, the foundation of your success in controlling, reversing, or preventing diabetes.

The first article, “Why Can’t I Eat Low-carb AND Low-fat?” answers that very question. Be sure to read it all the way through!

The second article, “What Can I Eat?” gives you several options. The answer to this question depends on the diabetes dietary protocol that you have decided to follow. There are, of course, many variations on the major dietary approaches to diabetes management (these were covered in detail in the Dietary Approaches to Managing Diabetes article and sub-pages). However, some quick answers are given in this article.

Finally, watch the 13-minute video, Fuhrman vs Bernstein / Vegan vs Low-Carb – Which cures diabetes? Then make up your own mind as to which protocol you feel would work best for you.

As an aside, March is also National Nutrition Month (Law of Health #1) and Sleep Awareness Month (Law of Health #7) since most of the United States returns to Daylight Saving Time this month.

In our next blog, we will discover what real Temperance (Law of Health #5) is for the Adventist Vegetarian Diabetic. Or for any diabetic, for that matter. So stay tuned!