Identify Your Dietary Approach to Diabetes Management

Goal/objective: To identify your dietary approach to managing your diabetes, within your chosen dietary lifestyle.
Time frame: Ongoing. With the caveat that you can adjust/change your dietary approach at any time.

For all of us—type 1 and type 2 diabetics, “pre-diabetics,” ex-diabetics, recovering diabetics—whatever we choose to call ourselves, we can choose to follow a specific dietary approach to diabetes management. Or not.

What’s the difference between dietary lifestyle and dietary diabetes protocol?

What are the most popular dietary approaches to diabetes management?

What is your dietary lifestyle?

What dietary diabetes protocol are you following?

The first two questions will be answered in our article, “Identify Your Dietary Approach.” The last two questions are for you to answer for yourself!

Our next blog post will further clarify the differences among the most popular dietary approaches to diabetes management and we’ll give you some practical tips for choosing diabetic-friendly foods.