This blog post begins with the section titled, “Diabetes Basics” and the topic, “A1C.”

Whether you are newly diagnosed and don’t know where to start or if you’ve been living with diabetes for awhile and are still struggling, you can take definite steps to improve your diabetic health.

Begin with our “Getting Started” section and work through each topic in sequence for best results. When you finish “Getting Started” come back to this section and access whatever topic(s) you need most.

Finally, check in “Resources” for additional helpful information.

If you’ve never watched a video by Dr Jason Fung, here’s a great one to get you started:

The best thing you can do as a newly diagnosed or still-struggling diabetic is read. Research. Join our Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics group on Facebook. Use the resources listed in the group’s Files. Check out our supplementary website and blog.  Watch the videos on YouTube. Educate yourself. We are here to support you by encouraging you to learn.

Just Diagnosed With Diabetes? Do These 3 Things
Step 1: Don’t Panic
Step 2: Tell Yourself You’re Going to be OK
Step 3: Face Diabetes

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