Eat Real Food

Have you mastered use of your glucose meter? Keep practicing! Test at least once (or more) every day.

Are you drinking enough water? Have you replaced all juices, sodas, and other sugary drinks with plain water? Keep drinking!

This week you will keep focusing on eliminating sugar, especially in foods, AND eliminating most processed foods. If it comes in a can, jar, bag, or box, it’s probably processed. This week, replace processed foods, one at a time, with real food (unprocessed). Focus on non-starchy green vegetables. For help with this, see our article, Eat Real Food. This is Law of Health #1.

For help with selecting real foods, take time to download and print out our Food List for Diabetics [PDF].

For more details about unprocessed foods, see our article, Unprocessed Food Challenge (which you will see again in September).

Here, I would like to invite you to join the Beat Diabetes Challenge with YouTuber Dennis Pollock:

View this video as well:

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