McDougall Diet

I ran across this post in a Facebook group and decided to share it here (anonymously, of course, edited only for grammar and spelling).

ChooseVeganPlate“I was watching YouTube the other night, and now I’m struggling. Maybe someone can help. This John McDougall guy is pushing eating potatoes, rice, and corn to cure his patients, and the idea that meat and oils are bad for diabetics because they clog the arteries with fat which makes a diabetic fatter and more insulin-resistant. I’ve tried the potatoes, rice, and grains, and my blood sugars go into the 300s! People say if you eat meat that is going to clog your arteries and eventually kill you, so I’m confused on what to eat. I’m afraid I’m going to be living on vegetables only for the rest of my life!”

This post elicited three responses:

“Following John McDougall’s dietary advice is a recipe for consistently high blood sugars. As diabetics, we need to be doing the exact opposite of what he preaches–lots of meat, eggs, vegetables, and no starches.”

“The key is not eating grains of any kind, sugars, or starches like potatoes or fried foods that have flour for breading. Those are inflammatory, which cause inflamed areas in the arteries and veins. This prompts the body to send fats/cholesterol to those areas as a sort of ‘Band-Aid’ to soothe the areas. Eventually this leads to blockages.”

“Every single time that I ask those starch and high-carb diabetes diet pushers to show me the numbers, they can’t show healthy results. Cholesterol goes up; blood sugar goes up; eye, kidney, and heart damage goes up. A person last night tried to tell me that an A1C of 7% is perfectly normal. That’s like walking around with an average blood glucose of 172. You’re being wise to do your research. The fat-in-diet-causes-high-cholesterol myth has been shown to be false and you don’t have to look too hard to find it. It’s been in much mainstream health news for the last several years. McDougall is a book seller is trying to push old information. He probably thinks the earth is flat, too.”

Now I would like to ask for input from YOU, the reader, if you have tried “high-carb low-fat vegan” (such as the “Forks Over Knives” approach) and (a) have been successful in managing/reversing your diabetes with it OR (b) have NOT been successful with it. Please be specific with numbers (blood glucose, A1C, medications, etc.). Also include any non-dietary factors, such as exercise, sleep, water, etc. I look forward to reading your experience(s)!

P.S. If you are new to this blog and/or do not know what “high-carb low-fat vegan” is, please reference

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