Atkins or C.H.I.P?

bookcover-TheNewAtkinsThe misconception that most people have about Atkins* is that it’s “high protein” or “too much meat.” Not true! Vegetarians and even vegans can follow the Atkins approach. I was impressed that they give comprehensive vegetarian/vegan food lists in the book! The emphasis is on what they call “foundation vegetables” (lots of leafy green and non-starchy vegetables), with adequate protein and high healthy fats.

Yes, C.H.I.P.* is the exact opposite, with high carbs and low fat and always vegan!

Paleo* eliminates dairy, legumes, and grains, so the emphasis is on meat and vegetables and fruit (high protein, moderate fat diet), but there is vegetarian paleo and there’s primal paleo which allows certain dairy products and some legumes.

“Somewhere inbetween” would be the ADA* approach, which allows for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets, and which freely prescribes pharmaceuticals for when diet and exercise stops working, which it eventually does.

I believe “the answer” lies within each individual diabetic. I have read hard-to-believe success stories from both sides: the low-carb high-fat, moderate protein, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian; and the high-carb low- or no-fat but always vegan side. Including raw vegan. In both cases, which are polar opposites, the extremely successful ones report lowering blood sugar to a non-diabetic normal of 4.0-5.6, and getting off insulin and all medications. Not just diabetes medications but all medications!

I cannot say that one side or the other is totally lying! What I can say is that what works for one person may or may not work for someone else. And that there is no one approach that works for everyone!

That’s why the tagline of Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics is, “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.”

*Diet Summaries

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