The First Day of Christmas

December 25

NOTE: Get ready to get a blog post every day for The 12 Days of Christmas!

On the FIRST DAY OF CHRISTMAS I gave to myself
A plan to eliminate my hyperinsulinemia
with an avocado tree.

In lieu of an avocado tree, I’ll settle for a bag of avocados to ripen in my kitchen.

Why are avocados the second most important food there is for diabetics? Avocados won’t cause spikes in blood sugar. Part of what makes avocados a good choice for people with diabetes is that, although they are low in carbs, they are high in fiber. Many other high-fiber foods (notably whole grains and legumes) often still spike blood sugar levels.

What’s the big deal about hyperinsulinemia (sometimes used interchangeably with insulin resistance)? Here’s a 29-minute talk by Dr. Ted Naiman. Dr. Naiman graduated from the Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 1997. He is a board-certified family medicine physician who practices at the Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. (When you access this video, to get closed captioning in English, click on “Settings” then “English (auto-generated)”).

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