Diabetics have been told that they need to lower their blood glucose and A1C. (If you need a reminder of what this means, please see our recent blog posts on A1C and blood glucose. With additional information in More on Blood Glucose.) As a result, many of us have been focused on doing whatever we can to lower daily blood glucose numbers as well as A1C test results that our doctors order every 6 months.

Many of us have changed our dietary protocols to a low-carb way of eating. Some limit daily carb intake to < 100 grams carbs/day, very low-carb at < 50 grams carbs/day, and very, very low-carb at < 20 grams carbs/day.

Others of us have given in to our doctors’ insistence that we need pharmaceutical intervention (i.e., diabetes drugs) to help lower our blood glucose and A1C. And diabetes medications do, indeed, lower blood glucose readings and A1C test results. However, astute diabetes medical experts are now telling us that it is hyperinsulinemia (too much insulin), not blood glucose in itself, that causes complications of diabetes.

So if we are lowering our blood glucose and A1C with medications or (heaven forbid!) insulin injections*, we are actually making our diabetes worse, not better!

For more details, please read our article on Hyperinsulinemia.

*This refers to insulin injections for type 2 diabetics. Type 1 diabetics will always need to inject some insulin. However, when they eat a low-carb dietary protocol, they will require a lot less injected insulin!

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