Glycemic Index/Glycemic Load

As a diabetic, you may have heard a dietitian (or even someone else less qualified) talk about “glycemic index” and “glycemic load.”

The short story is that knowing about glycemic index and glycemic load really has very little value for diabetics. The glycemic index was created based on results from non-diabetic persons. Glycemic load is based on the glycemic index, and so it also has almost no value for diabetic persons.

For more details, please see our article, Glycemic Index/Glycemic Load. Above all, keep this in mind:

“No matter how slowly a carbohydrate-rich food digests, eventually it does digest. And when that food digests, every single gram of carbohydrate it contains turns into one of two substances: glucose or fructose.”
—Jenny Ruhl, “The Glycemic Index Is a Scam”

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