Establish Essential Habits: Eat Real Food

Goal/Objective: To establish regular consumption of whole-food non-starchy vegetables to replace highly refined processed foods and trans fats.

If you are taking these Five Essential Habits in consecutive order, you will continue to monitor your blood glucose daily, drink your optimum amount of water every day, eliminate sugar from your dietary protocol, and now you must add 3-5 servings of non-starchy vegetables every day. If you wonder how you’re going to get in that many vegetables every day, start by replacing a processed food with a whole food, raw or cooked, non-starchy vegetable. Every day. Every meal. Eliminate as many processed foods as you can!

What is a processed food?

What about vegetable oils?

What can I eat?

Access our article, Eat Real Food, to find the answers to these questions!

Our next blog post will address daily exercise, the fifth of the Five Essential Habits that provide a foundation for your success in controlling, reversing, or preventing your diabetes/pre-diabetes.