Establish Essential Habits: Eliminate All Sugar

Keep using your glucose meter every day, focus on drinking more water, and be especially aware of any drinks that contain sugar, including fruit and vegetable juices. Hint: Check the label for carbohydrate content per serving.

We are convinced that sugar—especially refined sugar, but “natural” sugars as well—must be totally eliminated from the dietary protocol of all diabetics who are striving to prevent, control, or reverse any form of diabetes.

Dr. Jason Fung offers two ways to solve the problem of too much sugar in the blood/body. (1) Stop putting sugar into the body. (2) Burn off the sugar that is in the body.

What specific practices can accomplish these two ways?

What exactly is sugar?

What about artificial sweeteners?

Read the article, Eliminate All Sugar, to find the answers to these questions!

Our next post will be about eating real food. As you eliminate sugars, you will come much closer to eating real food. Stay tuned…