Why Can’t I Eat Low-carb AND Low-fat?

It’s very difficult for many people to accept that fats are okay for diabetics (within whatever individual calorie quota they have established for themselves). We have spent our lifetimes being bombarded by the food, pharmaceutical, and medical industries with the idea that fat is “bad” and carbs are “good.” It takes some serious thought—and research—to come to believe just the opposite. And many of you will never believe that high healthy fats are good for diabetics! Yet you can’t deny the proof that high amounts of carbohydrates are detrimental to diabetic health.

So I have seen many of you ask, “Why can’t I eat low-carb and low-fat?” That’s because you are defining low-carb and low-fat as being some specific amount of carbs or fat, not their relationship to each other. As you can see by the illustration above, you can’t have both low-carb and low-fat because that would create a broken seesaw!

For more details, please see our new page with the same title: Why Can’t I Eat Low-carb AND Low-fat?

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