January Goals

If you are a member of our Closed Facebook Group, “Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics,” you were given the suggestion to spend time between Christmas and New Year’s to think about where you are with improving your diabetic health and write down your goals (with a measurable quantity and a time frame) and your strategies for achieving those goals (objectives). Formally stated: Goal: To re-evaluate your personal goals, strategies, and progress during the past year and make any adjustments toward desired outcomes.

In other words,

  • What do you want to accomplish (and by when)?
  • What do you plan to do in order to accomplish that?

The group was eerily silent on this topic! Only a couple of members responded to this challenge with a written plan, so I concluded that most people are not serious about improving their diabetic health. However, no one made excuses either, so I’m still holding out hope that all of you are serious about your goals! Of course, I must also assume that you actually have goals, even if you didn’t share them with the group.

I’m also hoping that you have a blank book for 2019 (paper or digital), first for writing down your goals/objectives and strategies, and then for recording your starting numbers, such as your most recent A1C (and write down the date so you’ll remember it), your average fasting blood glucose (in mg/dL or mmol/l), your weight and body measurements (if one of your goals is to lose or gain weight), and any other health issues you may have and medicines that you are taking. The reason for this is so you can have a starting baseline and can look back to this date in January 2019 to see how far you’ve come!

Okay, this is the blog post that I should have published last week (New Year’s Day) but I didn’t so I’m doing it now.  And, even though I usually will not post more than one blog a week, I’m going to go ahead and write one for the first full week of January, which will be all about using your glucose meter. So stay tuned!


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