Let’s Talk About “Carbage”

Does everyone know what "carbage" is? Sue and Wl know! Yes, the word was coined as a combination of "carbs" and "garbage." Ben, it's not your fault that the definitions you found in your Google search were completely and totally wrong! First of all, the Collins English dictionary is British English, not American English, and … Continue reading Let’s Talk About “Carbage”

Why Can’t I Eat Low-carb AND Low-fat?

It's very difficult for many people to accept that fats are okay for diabetics (within whatever individual calorie quota they have established for themselves). We have spent our lifetimes being bombarded by the food, pharmaceutical, and medical industries with the idea that fat is "bad" and carbs are "good." It takes some serious thought—and research—to … Continue reading Why Can’t I Eat Low-carb AND Low-fat?