Facebook is Down

Facebook is currently down across the western United States. It went down at approximately 1:00 PM Pacific Time with no ETA yet as to when this might be fixed. Therefore, all activities in the Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics group is on hold until this issue is resolved. I hope all group members are currently following this blog!

We have 5 members currently pending membership requests. In case you missed the latest Facebook Description update, it says:

When you submit a request to join this group (or if you are suggested by a current member), Facebook will send you a message asking you to answer three (3) questions:
1) Are you a diabetic, pre-diabetic, at risk for diabetes, or have a diabetic family member or friend?
2) Are you a vegetarian/vegan or Adventist non-vegetarian (eats only “clean” meat)?
3) Are you a current or former Seventh-day Adventist, or do you know that Adventists do not eat pork or shellfish?
I may also check your FB profile to try to verify your authenticity. If there is not enough information on your FB profile for me to determine if you have a genuine interest in this group, I will send you a Private Message. If I don’t get a response from you within 48 hours, I will delete your request.

This is for the purpose of discouraging not only spammers but lurkers. According to what I’ve read, groups with large numbers of lurkers negatively affect the Facebook algorithms so that other members do not get Notifications of new posts in the group. This may very well explain why only a dozen or so of the current 170+ members ever comment; they may not even be seeing posts!


Today is DAY 25 of The 30-day Richard Osborn Challenge to increase your exercise, particularly through walking. Dick has set the bar high with his 10,000+ steps per day. Did you see his latest check-in where he said he did 97,000 steps last week?!? We hope Facebook will be restored by May 31. Please plan to check in then and report your progress for the month of May.

There will be another Ask Dr. Bernstein Webcast on Wednesday, May 31. I was just getting ready to create a group event when Facebook went down. Here’s what it should say:

This month’s Ask Dr. Bernstein Webcast and Teleconference is next Wednesday, May 31, 8:00 pm EST, 7:00 pm CST, 5:00 pm PST, and for our overseas guests, 12:00 am UTC (Thursday).  Please be on the call 5 minutes early so we can start on time.

dr.richard.k.bernsteinDue to a back log of excellent questions, Dr. Bernstein will not address a special subject this month.
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
To download a calendar reminder and to attend by web, visit: http://iTeleseminar.com/97477599

PIN Code: 900326#
Full List of Dial in Numbers: http://instantteleseminar.com/local/?pin=900326
Skype: Go to http://instantteleseminar.com/skype/. Use the skype id “joinconference” then bring up the dial pad to enter the conference id, 900326#.
If you would like to ask a question for the next teleseminar visit:
Use the question field in the registration area at the bottom of the page.

Hope to see everyone back on Facebook soon!

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