You’ll Find a Way

I’m sorry she left our group. She started out so promising, reporting how her A1C had dropped from a dangerously high level to just barely diabetic in only four months, and stating that her goal was a normal non-diabetic A1C of 4.0-5.6%. She actively participated in the discussions, giving great ideas for recipes and snacks. She even joined The 30-day Richard Osborn Challenge to see how much she could walk every day for a month.

And then she shared that she had “fallen off the wagon” and asked for help to get back on track. She admitted that she had stopped food journaling and had not been watching her carbs as carefully as she had been doing. She asked for recipes.

I provided links to a few of my favorite simple low-carb recipes that I thought she might like. No one else in the group submitted any recipes, though. That disappointed me. But I let her know that we are supporting her 100%.

And then she was gone. Vanished. I hope she did not think anyone was rude to her. More than that, I hope she “got back on the wagon” and did not give up! Wherever you are, dear friend, I continue to wish you well on your Adventist vegetarian diabetic journey!

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