Demographics of Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics

From time to time, I like to check our group to be aware of who is in it as far as diabetes types and reasons why they are here. Below are the poll results from October 18-25, 2015: Type 2 diabetes (36.7%) Diabetic family member/friend (26.7%) Pre-diabetic (10.0%) Type 1 diabetes (6.7%) Ex-diabetic (6.7%) Not … Continue reading Demographics of Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics

Vegetarian Paleo Diet

I am always challenged whenever a new member who joins the group has an unusual or unique situation. Such was the case with Madhusoodanan, a 74-year-old man from India. Those of you who were in the group in September may remember reading his post. He reported that he had become a Type 1 diabetic six … Continue reading Vegetarian Paleo Diet