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I am always challenged whenever a new member who joins the group has an unusual or unique situation. Such was the case with Madhusoodanan, a 74-year-old man from India. Those of you who were in the group in September may remember reading his post. He reported that he had become a Type 1 diabetic six years ago after a pancreatic surgery removing his duct due to a tumor, fortunately benign. He describes himself as an “eggetarian,” sometimes called ovo-vegetarian (eats eggs but not dairy). He stated, “Our food pattern is loaded with carbs. I am quite active and in good health. I am trying to get to details of a vegetarian diet [with] 60-100 grams of carb. Dr Bernstein’s book [Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars] has been of immense help in understanding more about diabetes. Looking out basically for info on diets. Since I am prone to develop kidney stones, soy products take a very low preference in my diet.” He was looking for appropriate recipes and menu plans.

My first thought was that a paleo vegetarian diet might be what Madhusoodanan needs. Unlike the traditional paleo approach, which allows meat, eggs, fruits, and vegetables, but not dairy, grains, and legumes, vegetarian paleo would eliminate all flesh foods and dairy (as well as grains and legumes). Because Madhusoodanan’s goal is 60-100 grams of carb per day, he could probably handle a judicious amount of fruit. And, being a Type 1 diabetic, he would work with his medical care provider to help him adjust his insulin dosage based on his insulin requirements.

Sauteed-Zucchini-and-MushroomsThe first source I found is this collection of vegetarian paleo recipes. I found that some of the links to recipes are “broken” so I would advise doing a Google search on those recipe titles. Be sure to include “low-carb” and “paleo” in your search criteria.

18 Award-Worthy Vegetarian Paleo Recipes

Next, I did a search on Amazon and the link below shows the results.

Paleo for Vegetarians on

Finally, here are the results of a Google search on “vegetarian paleo diet” as of 9/27/15. It is presented here exactly as it appeared on Google that day.

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What’s the Best Diet? Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian, or Paleo ……/whats-the-best-diet-raw-vegan-vegetarian-or-paleo
The following is a guest post from Heidi George of The Chocolate Puma: Over the past 15 years, I have experimented with food in many different ways.


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