Portion Control – Law of Health #5

NOTE: Portion control is added to the Essential Habits you have established: mastering use of your blood glucose meter, drinking an optimum amount of water for you, eliminating all sugar, eating non-starchy whole-food vegetables instead of processed foods, and a having a daily exercise regimen.

I would like to suggest that real temperance for a diabetic is “portion control.” You need to be aware of how much makes up a “portion” or “serving” of every food you eat. “Portion control is all about understanding how much a serving size of food truly is.” If you don’t know, consult a reliable food database, such as CalorieKing or MyFitnessPal.

For accountability and motivation, keep a detailed food journal. “If you or your loved one have been recently diagnosed—or have recently come to a shocking realization that you are going to die early if you don’t make some drastic changes—let me suggest that perhaps the very first step to take is Portion Control. And the first step in practicing Portion Control is to keep a detailed, strict food journal.” You won’t have to do this forever, but you should be diligent in keeping a food journal for several weeks (or months) or any time when you feel you are “slipping” away from your chosen diabetes dietary protocol.

Portion Control Without Being Hungry

More details on Portion Control [click link].

“Temperance” for a diabetic is abstaining from any foods, beverages, or practices that will harm your body and make your diabetes worse. This could include alcoholic beverages and definitely includes tobacco. It includes misuse of drugs, both prescription and OTC. It could include not getting enough exercise, sunlight, and fresh air. Or enough sleep or enough water.

For diabetics, the most important thing to abstain from is sugar. Sugar in all its forms! And abstain from anything and everything that raises your blood sugar into harmful levels. This includes high stress, the number one non-food cause of high blood sugars.

More about the Law of Health #5 (Temperance) [click link].

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