Starches ARE Sugars!

To become completely sugar-free, you must also eliminate starches. These are the foods that many people think of as “complex carbohydrates.” However, ALL carbohydrates convert to sugar in the digestive system–starting with the saliva in your mouth!

Start with eliminating refined carbohydrates, such as foods made from white sugar, white flour, pasta, noodles, etc. For optimal blood sugar control, you will need to eliminate all starches, even those from “whole foods,” such as potatoes (of all colors), rice (of all colors), and grains (both refined and whole grains), including oatmeal.

If you don’t think “complex carbohydrates” affect your blood sugar, always test by “eating to your meter.”

What about foods marketed as “sugar-free”? These foods almost always contain artificial sweeteners. We think of artificial sweeteners as “transition” foods until you are able to eat foods with no sugar or artificial sweeteners or only on rare occasions.

Peruse this page on Sugar & Sweeteners, with references to both sugar and artificial sweeteners.

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