Recipes and Meal Planning

Once you have developed a representative list of “safe foods” for YOU by “Eating to Your Meter” you can now create and/or collect recipes that contain only those foods. (If you have forgotten or don’t know how to eat to your meter, please click on the above link.)


You can start with recipes from our website (, but choose only those recipes that contain YOUR “safe” foods! Also, based on your dietary lifestyle, diabetes dietary protocol, and the recipes that you and your family like.

Meal Plans

Many times diabetics will ask us for a sample meal plan for one week or more. But we really can’t customize a meal plan for YOU without knowing your food list, recipe list, dietary lifestyle (re: meat-eating or not), diabetes dietary protocol, and how many meals a day you eat. Also, whether or not you (and your family) will eat leftovers!

The BEST meal plan is what you create for yourself and your family. Some diabetics will cook food in batches (but only if you and your family will eat leftovers) or “meal prep” on one day for the whole week. Others prefer to cook only what they (and their family) will eat for one meal or one day.

If you really need some hand-holding, peruse this page: This resource is my favorite:

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