Water, Law of Health #3

I frequently evoke the 80:20 rule in trying to describe the most important aspects of diabetes control, with 80% being Nutrition and 20% being Exercise. That’s a bit simplistic, though, and it only involves two of the eight Laws of Health. So, in my brain, I include Water with Nutrition, as well as Temperance, which I equate with Portion Control. I put Air and Sunlight with Exercise, and Rest to balance Exercise. That leaves just one Law of Health: Trust in Divine Power, which I equate with stress management, and which is 100% important!

That being said, let’s move on to Water, Law of Health #3. Please read the revised page at https://adventistvegetariandiabetics.com/getting-started/learn-about-diabetes/8-laws-of-health/water/. As you read, answer these questions for yourself:

  1. How much water should I drink?
  2. Should I drink water with meals? Why or why not?

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