Success Stories

What is success?

It is, simply, meeting your personal goals, the ones you have set for yourself. For some it is achieving A1C results in the normal non-diabetic range (4.0-5.6 mg/dL or 3.8-6.3 mmol/l). For others it is staying at an A1C of 7.0% or below, as recommended by the American Diabetes Association. For some it is getting off insulin and/or diabetes pills. For others it is maintaining a certain average blood glucose level with medication. Some may have set specific goals with weight or measurements. Some may aim to walk 10,000 steps a day. Others feel successful in just getting out of the house and walking to the mailbox and back.

The most meaningful success stories are those from people we know. We have a collection of success stories from people who are (or who have been) members of our Facebook group, Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics. View our collection of “Success Stories.”

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