Diabetic Eye Health

Continue practicing the Five Essential Habits, Portion Control, Eating to Your Meter, Incorporating Intermittent Fasting, Reducing Stress, and Getting Adequate Sleep every day/night. Also, practice good Diabetic Foot Care and Dental Care every day.

Today we’re going to talk about Diabetic Eye Health. Early detection and treatment of eye diseases can reduce the risk of blindness by 95 percent. Diabetic retinopathy can lead to blindness if you don’t get it treated on time.

Goals/Objectives: To focus on your diabetic eye health by regular retinopathy screening and vision evaluation.

Time Frame:

    • Diabetic retinal screening (annually or bi-annually)
    • Vision exam (bi-annually)

Who is my eye doctor?

What is the most common eye disease of diabetics?

What is the end stage of diabetic eye diseases?

After you read our article (link above), please take some time to peruse the References for other articles such as “Sedentary Behavior Linked to Diabetic Retinopathy,” “Dietary Carbohydrates Linked to Cataract Formation,” and “Diet Soda Linked to Increased Risk for Diabetic Retinopathy.”

Then watch this 4-minute video, “Saving Your Vision From Diabetes” (January 2020)

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