Do Not Get Old Like This

I very seldom re-post verbatim from another blog or group, but this one was so well-written and poignant that I absolutely have to. It’s from a public Facebook group and full credit is given at the bottom. Here goes.

The High Sugar Diabetic Version

I was out walking my dogs today and saw my neighbor sitting on a bench talking urgently to an older woman. My neighbor looked up and saw me and I could tell she was very worried.

I went over and sat with them and it turned out the older lady had conked out while walking home from the grocery store. Her name is Maria. Maria is a retired professional lady in her 70s who’s used to walking where she needs to go in our small town.

But today it caught up with her. Maria said she was feeling better and wanted to get home to her apartment. I helped her up and we started walking towards the entrance and she slowed down and started to list to her left. I helped Maria to sit back down on the bench and asked my friend to call 911. I was afraid Maria might be having a stroke.

The paramedics came promptly and started asking Maria questions. Turns out, Maria is a Type 2 diabetic. Her blood sugar on waking was 118. The paramedics took it again and found it was 196. At 11:30 in the morning, several hours after breakfast her blood sugar was 196. That means an hour after breakfast her blood sugar probably spiked up to three or four hundred! Those are dangerously high numbers that cause damage to nerves and blood vessels.

Maria refused to go to the hospital and the paramedics offered to help her up to her apartment in a wheelchair. She agreed.

When we got to her apartment, I started to put her cold groceries away in the fridge while the paramedics got her settled. It was mostly ADA approved food. Salads and starches. High-carb/low-fat food, except for the big tray of pastries which are pure sugar bombs.

I sighed. This is what mostly following doctor’s orders gets you as a Type 2 diabetic. You eat the high-carb/low-fat food. You get fatter and sicker. You fall apart. You die.

The paramedics left. I made sure Maria was feeling all right and was comfortable. I gave her my SUGARbriety business card and told her I was right next door if she needed me. She read my card which is all about sugar and diabetes. She set it down…and said nothing.

I waited. The silence got longer. I let it go. I got up and let myself out. I doubt very much she’ll call me. After all, she’s following doctor’s orders like people of her generation usually do.

But doctor’s orders are killing her. And that’s the tragedy of diabetes worldwide. Millions of people following bad advice. Millions of diabetics falling apart. And it’s completely reversible and unnecessary.

From (Author: Ben Fury)

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